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Adopted in building Windows and doors and glass curtain wall of building external wall, the glass is a exterior wall materials of the most widely, is also the easiest part of the heat transfer.Glass curtain wall construction is affected by sunshine and outdoor temperature is also the biggest.Therefore, select the appropriate varieties is for Windows and doors and glass curtain wall one of the main measures of energy saving control.

Heat reflective glass, also known as coated glass, it USES the pyrolysis method, the vacuum method, chemical deposition method and other methods on the glass surface coated with gold, silver, copper, chromium, nickel, iron and other metal or metal oxide film or non-metal oxide film,Or by electric float plasma exchange method to the surface of glass infiltration to replacement glass surface layer of the original metal ions to form a heat reflective film, produced reflecting heat reflection, heat insulating and sandwich heat reflective glass.Reflective glass can achieve a variety of reflected light, around buildings and natural scenery can be mapped to the color of the glass curtain wall, make whole building appears unusually beautiful spectacular, at the same time, the product has the effect that reduce glare, make the working and living environment comfortable.

Single chip heat reflective glass can be directly used in curtain wall engineering, also can be used to manufacture hollow glass, laminated glass. If use heat reflective glass and ordinary transparent plate glass manufacture of hollow glass to glass curtain wall, the shading coefficient is only 10% or so, and heat transfer coefficient is about 1.74 w/(m2. K)